Why we can do what we claim

The staff of GoodWords Consulting have decades of experience writing and editing a wide spectrum of corporate documents for internal and external readerships ― thirty combined years in Commonwealth Government and parliamentary agencies, three years in a Cabinet Minister’s office, twenty combined years in non-government organisations, and several years in private consulting.

Working both within and on behalf of those organisations, we have either written, edited, rewritten, proofread, designed or published (or all of these):

• media releases and articles;

• fact sheets, brochures, and educational material;

• briefing notes and speeches for government Ministers and officials and company CEOs;

• conference papers with accompanying audio-visual presentations on similar subjects;

• comprehensive submissions to government and parliamentary inquiries, involving consultation with organisation members, consolidating many inputs into one ‘position’;

• a 144-page illustrated book for local governments, reprinted by popular demand;

• a code of practice and accompanying manuals, a 16-page illustrated colour booklet on farm forestry (twice reprinted), and a 100-page manual for treegrower cooperatives;

• numerous editions of a quarterly journal over eight years; and

• strategic and operating plans, policy manuals and annual reports for all the NGOs.

The Directors of GoodWords Consulting have also created and delivered courses and individual and group tutoring in reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and essay and report writing for students of all ages, including senior public service executives.

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