What others have said

Marcus Derham, President, Treefarm Investment Managers Association  “Once again, on behalf of all members of the Treefarm Investment Managers Association, I’d like to acknowledge your pivotal role in ensuring the consistently high quality of all TIMA’s corporate documents, and especially the outstanding presentation of the Code of Practice for Afforestation Managed Investment Schemes and its several accompanying working documents. Your consummate grasp of the nuances of our industry as well as your attention to detail ensure that our                                                                                  message is always accurately conveyed.”

Tony Cannon, President, Australian Forest Growers
“Australian Forest Growers would once again like to acknowledge what you have done to ensure that our corporate documents are of a consistently high standard. Your command of the language, your unswerving attention to detail, and your welcome mentoring of our diverse contributors have kept the pressure on all of us to lift our game, ultimately to our collective benefit.”

Mark Thomas, CEO, Greening Australia
“Your professional persistence in working with the department and the expert authors, getting their agreement to your very substantial rewriting of their drafts, guiding the designers, compiling the bibliography, and then proofreading the whole 144 pages, was an award-winning effort! Greening Australia is very proud that ‘Local Greening Plans’ is now in its second printing. Thank you for your absolutely vital contribution.”

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