What we do

Editing, Rewriting, Proofreading …

and whatever it takes to ensure your writing says what you mean to say
and how you want to say it 

GoodWords Consulting edits any document ― long or short, simple or complex.

Our specialty is the diverse range of ‘corporate’ documentation essential in any
organisation ― strategic and business plans, policy documents, annual reports, technical manuals, codes of practice, business letters, promotional literature, submissions, grant applications, and all manner of technical and research reports ― even constitutions and other legal documents.

We make sure that your written product, both printed and web-based, says what you mean to say ― correctly, clearly, concisely and effectively.

GoodWords Consulting services include:

  • Copy editing ― appropriate, clear, consistent and correct use of language; consistent formatting; accurate referencing and indexing
  • Structural editing ― reviewing structure and content; matching language, style and presentation with intended purpose and readers
  • Rewriting ― especially for clarity, ‘plain English’ and specified length; to make science readable; and to express things ‘in a particular way’
  • Consolidating work from several authors into a single message ― eg, in committee reports and in submissions to government inquiries
  • Summarising complex documents
  • Proofreading, including printer’s proofs
  • Working collaboratively with designers and printers

GoodWords Consulting also consults with, advises and mentors clients on how to use the rich and versatile English language to say precisely what you want to say to your intended readers.

One Response to “What we do”
  1. George Jaksic says:

    A pleasure to meet you today at Fort Street.
    I may see you again at the 1963 Fortians’ dinner Saturday night.
    Catch up soon.
    Cheers. George.

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